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The United Stales 

l+yi/de, Iwm, mikI l^itk-y 

• i 




\ rvW n 


r-N -**■» 








** \ 







A State ofj 


ykmstfiowg State. Go 

GeAe 1992 


IKiS edRok Spewt woi4s in Q 
Cowpfefe S"L4T£ O 


O/ Ren tRe editoA- 
a I sRip 05 tRe 
I \J yea/tbook be- 
came aoatok in MaAcR, I 
fooollsUq jumped at tRe 
cRance to tafee ouei S\/Rat T 
foound wRen r jumped in was a 
poo£ witR no wate/i. TRe State 
0(5 tRe oftfrc*- wc^ RoAAibde, 
and none 05 tfte wonJe 50/1 tRe 
book was Competed, and tRe 
entiAe book was due in just a 
ftew sRoAt montRs. My woAfe 
was Cut out 501 me. 

./4 ftew sta 56 ^^^ 
COme and went, but I tRanfe 
tRem (30A aM 05 tReiA Re(!p. T 
Kad a limited numbeA 05 pRo- 
tognapds to cRoose ftjiom, 
and Q^ undeAStafobed SPS 
made my job Rande/L My 
Sta55 Ctod r weAe fooACed to 
pRotogAapR a good bit 0(5 
oua own wo/ife. Kut T do want 
to tRanfe PobeAt MoiAiS and 
tRey weAe able, to pAoUide, 
and special tdawfes to f 
e/i£y 50A use 05 tRe daAte- 

Jz 50A \)anM Ste- 
pRens av<d Jon r k/iugRt, a 

Simple tRanfe you is not peACent 05 my SpoAts pRoto- 

enougR. r sRoudd be on botR gAapRs, as wel£ as many 

lenees, gAoltedding, to hi botR otReAS tRxougRout tRe book, 

05 you biow Row mucR r aAe CouAtesy 05 DawteM. 

(jam Sdito^ SWJUy Caimod 

appAeCiate youA ContAibutions and Joh. TiLAjAK (JpUl 
to tRis book. J{ good ninety I Rope met yeaA's unfooA- 

tunate editoA is ducky 
enougR to Raite tRe two 05 
you. r wouldn't Raite made 
it witRout you. 

To CRtus, my asistant 
editoA, I must say, "(jou, 
too, aAe a difoesaiteA." 
CRaIs £denftie£d did aM 
of} tRe diAty woAk, tRe copy 
and sucR . Ikxvk you (30A 
tRe kxtt Rouas and sbwp- 
2ess nigRts ; witRout you, 
tReAe woudd be no Gee- 

Ikxvtes too, to Joama 
and KatReAine _/4ccuaso, 
Ijok Reding out witR wRat- 
eUeA r asked ftoA, you weAe 
botR a big Reilp. 

.Ad tRank you to etf- 
eAyone out tReAe wRo Rad 
to put up witR me (jKom 
MaAcR tRAougR Judy, I 
lenow r was a Rag. 

To eUeAyone edse out 
tReAe, r Rope you enjoy tRe 
book we sdoited otfeA, and 
r Rope dli 05 you CAitiCS 
out tReAe can appAeCiate 
tRe state 05 Contusion 
tRat pAoduced tRis book. 


"Jt i 



I I 





/ 1 





Ji <fclawis, king 05 Keacl "Bbsft I^V. Jodi ifatfoiedd wattles Ren teaw in -tRe bead odywpics. 

f? Sden^ieW s&ows Ris time. coSojis, a?£ tile way down to Ris dudey. 

Daue Sv/opat. bxotRex 05 To*, sings Ris paiiodies at ./4SC's biAtRday panty. lft you Coote close and ignone tRe ned RigRtops, Re nea(£y does Hoofe (tee Luke 


JosepR Fabuda, (jo**tx president 05 tRe SGA, seures up tRe cafee and iCe-CJieaw ai tRe bintRday paxty. On tRe (jqx iiigRt, 
Pomie EdeK^ieCd enjoys tRe cake and iCe-CAeam. 


Miss KiMt*jikj C k/Ritfretd sit m i 

Tile 1QQ2 Saint PatAicfe's Day Pcuade was as 
QAeen as etta foo/i ^4/iMStAong students. Kunbeft£y 
Sv/RitfoidW, Wiss -Anstiiong State College and tRe 
^SC Dance Tea*, pa/iti&'pated in tRe tAaditiona? 
SaoowiaH etfent on Jl/laitcR 17. }Aa\^ Pixates took tRe 
weftconed bJieafe befoo/ie ftinads, and Readed box f^ilteA. 
StAeet (30/1 tRe annua?. St. Pat's party. 

ft lo ^Vakiiie SduwQn, <fclotty PoIWa, Jemfon £W Qwd Jewufte/i S^u 
lake, a b^afe. 

Ih team getting neady (30/1 action. 
Let's DanCe! 

lit ASC DanCe Team keeps tde C/iowd in 





"Put we. in coacR, r*i naady to pday, today, dtKttnljiM. . . ." — JoL. ^Joganty, "CmitKijtki." 

^Listnong Spouts 

"Peopde widd Come! TRey'dfi Come jjon neasons tRey CQn'i etfen ftatRom. TReLj'&C tunn up . . . not lowing 
50/L sune wRy tdfcy'/ie doing it. TRey 'dd qiuuOe. at youn ebon as innocent cRiddnen, longing (j 0/l ^ P ast 

Sv/e won't Mind [5 yocui doote anound, you'dd say. TRey'6A pass oi>en tReto money without etfen tRinfeng 
about it. JJoil it's money iRey Raae, and peace tftey fee. 

yind tRfiytfc wadfe out to tRe bdeacRens and sit in sRint sdeeDeS on a penfteCt evening. TRey'8£. {jind you 
Raite nesentfed seats somewRene afcong one 05 tRe basedines, wRene tRey sat wRen tRey we/ie cRiddnen and 
cReened tRei/i Renoes. ^Ind tRey'dd watcR iJk game. ft wiEP, be as ift tRey dipped tRemsedaes in musical 
watens. TRein memonies widd be so tRicJe tRat tRey'dd Raite to bnusR tRem away fonom tRein foaces. 

TRe om. constant tRnougR add tRe yeans Ras been basebadd. _/4menica Ras nodded by it dike an anmy 
05 steam noddens. It's been enased dfee a bdacteboand, nebuidt and enased again. "But basebadd Ras 
manfeed tRe time. TRis (jiedd tRis game, is a pant 05 oixk past. Ft neminds us 05 add tRat once was good 
and coudd be again." 

— Jjiedd 0(3 Dneams 


Mifesfts post All-AmiQo^ mtoasl 

CfoiS, MiteitS, oft yiikot, JloKik Dakota, not 
ok^ posted outstanding numbeAS ov, tRe fjieM, 
but adso in tRe dasSAoom. TRe senior. catcReA. 
ftinisRed Ris jj»oi season as a codilegiate witR a batting 
aUeAage 05 .286, 5 RomeAunS, 67 nuns batted in, wRife 
tiUowing out 50% oft tRe AunneAS attempting io steal 
TReSe nutnbeAS u/eAe good enougR to eOAn Run 2nd Team 
JWL-Ahzj&cok on tRe Goad's pod O55 tRe fredd, 
M&sits posted a gnade point aue/tage 05 oaen 35, 
wRicR ea/wed Run a Spot on tRe J^cadewiC AWL- 
^WeAican team. Mi^SitS pdans to use RiS education to 
gain a job witR JJedeAad f5uAeau 05 Investigation. 

<Neij Scottie, wftat fewd 0(3 Stuftft does tfcs ciuwp If 

^W£-^WAiC0H cattle* CRjus Mifcsrts txies to tii*e tRe pitcfteA, uRite waiting 
(30* fcs tuxx at bat ok tHe 0K-deCte ciAde. 

SmoK bacte-up catdn Hwice ^}ussM gfttes wo/ids 05 encouJiagejueKt to His 
teammates Coming oft5 <^ 5*^- 



./4S0 pfcayeAs enjoying a Saturday 
matinee against Geongia Codlege at 
Gnayson stadium. 


Steue "Deacon" Opmq takes a mean 
Rack at a pitcR against Q/aWosta St., 
as Ris tea«*ates watcR 510m tRe dug out 
at Pixate ^ieid located on tRe col- 
lege's campus. 

Scott DeRatfe*, a juwon fceftt (jieldeJt, 
Comes 05(3 <Rt (jieW afttex RamMeAmg 
prtcR otfex ik wall at Ghousok Stadium. 



Swok xigR< (jelda Steite (jounQ Qworts 
ide pctcR QQQiKSt con^a^HCe xiuats 
USC -ylifeeK Qt PaCeA (yeM in ./^fee*. 
Soutd CaxofiKQ. 

<Hey ump, we Q?£ coudd not Haite mussed 

tftai caW! 

Le(yty G/ieg ~H(owas ttied to snap 05(5 a 
cwate baK against ilk Cofoniak 05 
Georgia OoWi&ge. 


Sewon catcita C&us Htets cbuves tile baML 


"Be 5* Ok DMkS - "People "Mill Cmt 


IE Asa Pi/iate 

'Baseball tea* Ras 

COwe (jKQH\ (M oUe/i 

tRe countxy. Pbyeiis Raid 
jjkowt J^lottb Dakota, 
Texas, rdaRo, Sv/asRington 
State, -Aizona, Indiana, 
Minnesota, and Oadifto/uua. 
Tftey ftooe£ thousands 05 
wdes to yi/unst/ioKg, fa 

sea/ijcil 05 tkxK "fjeki 0(3 
dreams," Ropitvg tRat tRis 
yea/i widd, be tRe owe tRat 
yiSC goes to tRe S^o/iM 
Senies. <klead to tRe base- 
band (jiedd — i(j you Raite 
tke to watd tRe 'Snakes 
ok TV, swidly you can 
spa/ie an a(jte/inoon (3011 
tRe Rome team 

TJUd baseman .Age?, Q/ega, wRo KeOin Lane 05 Sauannad and Fiddy 
Comes to us fo/iom Si Paso, Texas, GaAzQ 05 Mission, Texas keep sco»e in 
anticipates a Sine, cbiiire caning Ris way. tRe dugout. 



Did you boa? 

/| SO Ras a 
tA-I (ji/ist /iate 
^^ v baseball 

team, comp&ete wrtR J§1- 
yUenicaK badft p&ayens 
and numenous dbiafjt 
picJes oim tRe yea/is, yet 
yWstnong students 
don't elten sRow up to 
suppo/it tRei/i team. SJRy 
is tRat? 

Cone on guys, Set's folfen tilings up! 




1 m ' 

•fcleod CoatK Joe Qdoats, 

PitcRing CoacR awl ^ixst .Asistant— Cfofk Ofcua 


Senion PiAaics. ^nont (L 10 P), Da* "Kurtz, Hiddy GoKza, C-dxis Mfosrts, M'Cizty Moody. 'Bade. (L <o I?), Jo/ige "BeCewia, "Snuce ^Jusselll 
Dcwyt HoydL and SttUe (jou*g. 


Scott DeRaueu gets a good, dose doote at a 


(Sfaort) Mfet <fcta*«£A, .^WKfe Fung. Ma»fe Lindsay, (Hddtt) Kew»y Sv/asRingion, Pauicfe <fcleebe£s, and Kandeli" ^Uoss. 
Vo^d JoRksok, Maxte Sa{% SRoh Pejwy, (bacfe) PieJloAd l/ami, Stacy Mc£0aiK, 


"paste foait is wy fraito/iite, sport, I like, tk way tKeu dAibbde up and down tk oxmt 


#24, Stacy )Ac£Jfoi*. a sopRowone 

tile. Soui&t ^A/atiowa^ Towuno_ Tea* at 
tHe. SaaaiwaR Cmc CejtteA. 









b T n 

4 / 





I Wit tRe sla* dunk, take, it to tk Roop, wiy fraito/ute play is tk dim oop . . . 


.^ stmt CoM^e oasus 

S0i)0M i state at * OWt C^ta 


Mfee <ycuua tofees Ris sRot . . . and dl tRey ftea/id was S'VOOS-fcl! 

Ofieei up DaweE it's JiJsTa baskttbatl gawe. QUICK "DaueM, pass we tde Potads! 


Mfee <ttatm. pusdes tHe bail up tfte couxt against Sauotwall State. 

Dowel JoKksc* talks. txasR . . . "(jou can't guaxd we . . . upu'ie not wan enough . . ." 

jJiatle. Lindsay 
Wee Mfce." 

T wanna be Mfee <WaAKe* at tfte (joud. Sine . . . ""ti-O-P-S- 

Sfo/iget tfle Potaids, -— —;; 
I way need an eOAfc) 

Keeping up wrtR 
Ckoss GouKt/iy 

.AjAStoxng's CJioss CountAy 
teOin is (yM o^ exCeMent 
nunnexs. -Any f?oss and 
PatAicie Fabuda weAe botft 
named to tfie Pead "Belt 
AxiltX\t Oonfte/ienCe aM 
confteAenCe team in caoss 
CountAij, meaning tdat tRey 
weAe botR among tRe top 
Setfen AunneAS in tReiA diQiSion. 
TRe piCtUAeS ok tRe tpW!owing 
two pages que, (30A tRe most 

pCUlt, (}AOm tRe J4SC IwUitQ- 

tionad, wRid toole pdace or 
OctobeA 3, 1992. h tRat 
IvUitQilowoJL, ASQ wome.n 
(jinisRed second beRind Land- 
ed Oo&£ege, Qnd yiSC frin- 
isRed 5tR ooaiM. 

To tRe nigRt axe Mmy 
£oss and PatAicJe Habuda, 

~P.\3A.Q. all QjD^nmdi. 

'Ee.tonj, Any Poss 
gasps ijok aix a(jtex a AougR 
Aace in tRe P.R_AO. cRam- 
pionsRips, Rosted. by ASG>. 

To tRe fran xigRt, top, is tRe 
StaAt 05 tRe women's 5K Aun 
at tRe J4SO [nDitationad on 
10-3-92, wKeAe ^lSO uoww 
(jinisRed 2nd beRind LandeA 

At tRe ban nigRt, middle, 
is tRe sta/it 05 tRe men's 8K 
nun at tRe ASQ InDitationad 
0^ 10-2-92. So, wRene's tRe 

Mt tRe (ja/i nigRt, bottom, 
P.R.AO. a^-ConfreAenCe 
AunneA PatAicie feiCles in tRe 


Sv/owtew's Tenuis 

SanggeetHa CVijayafeumaA neiuAMS a odleq. 

Th yitosfjiong State QxJhqt 
1993 Sv/owieKS Tenuis Teavi 

TRe women's tennis team Rad 
tRei/i best eJJtK season in 
LQ93 wrtR Q 19-1 (jinisR on tRe 
jecui in^^CC-IT pday. TRe 
^om.£k we/ie Jianfced tentR in tRe 
iation uaitR tRis JteCo/id, and 

weJie. Vend. Belt AMeAlt 
Con5e.l-e.nCe. Co-cRampionS. 
TRis was _Amst/iong's (jinst 
team cRampionsRip in tRjiee 
yeans, and tRe (ji/ist cRampi- 
onsRip eiteJi 501 an ^lSO 

women's tennis team. He 
1993 ^v/omen's Tennis Team 
is, 5i?0ifT(L to Q\ Gabi 
<Naucfc, (Austin 0/iOin, VeJom 
jJlokkdl, Monica ScRutz, 

<Na/iweE, Goad Ma/ife "Be- 
yens, SanggeetRa Q/V 
jayaleuman, Sasanne Sv/eHH- 
endo/if), and Ste(j(janie 
Loew. Congratulations, gi/i£s, 
and good duck next season! 


M^'s Te 



W ^ 





2ft?0^fT(L to I?). Luc PicRoxd, Sungcm PomOk, <fcleatR MaxsRaSl ^fick <fcludscx "B^CK (L to Q), Goad -Adtaas Kc*tH Moutteio (?ossi. PaCpft fya* Duooge, 
VMipp Sdkxtd. Goad Mcwfe Feyas. 

Pl&pp Soinid nates to tfle utt to nttwiH a ito{% 


PRifcpp Sdtud skws Ris stu55 on tfce. tems. cowit . . . tKe Agassi 0(5 ^WstAonQ. 


M^'s Terns 

Luc. Qidkikd netUAKS a SeJUte. 

'. ... .' 




^QoMTCi to Q), JoaiwQ .Acuuiso, £oa (jcmboitougR, Ratify -Waines, Ckwjl .AaWs, Jufe Sto/wont, <WeatReA Sv/cud, jJkdUMz Piuo/l 'BACK (L to Q),Gfa& Swtd Lauy 
.Atons, Paii Feddow, f?usty Zittiaua, f/ltee Piuon, Lawiy Tusabco, SHawn "BucJlanan. 

TRe. ci(££A£ead£Jis practice stunting begone tRe. qqm£.. 


lh AimstKOHQ State Co%e CReejtading squad Has 
establish a bod oft excefce 4at Ras fcpund tiU 
*ationa^ nanfeed in eacit 05 tRe past ftou* seasons 
y\Sa adlietfed a setfentR pgace ^sR in tRe igg2 
Urioasal CReeAkadkg dissociation (^ /lanfcngs 

Jllot 01^ does tdfc efcte squad pe^o/i* in suppo/it oh 
tRe wens and women's basfeetba^ teams, tRey aftso 
A£pAeseut MAMStAong State Co%l at a ua/iietu oh 
community functions. _Awng tRose OAe anti-cbg sm^s 
at SaaauKaR OAea scRook, tk amal St. Path's Daw 
Pa/iade and ~4iMStAongftest. 

h addition to tR£i^ negu^a/i actiuities, citeeA^adeA coacR 
Ginny KnoM Ras estabfeRed a summeA deeding cte 
to Ras tu/med into ^SO's most popu^A, and RigRest 
attended, summe/i camp. 

— Oouitesy oft Da/uei StepReus, "FfocJeboads 
and Fi^boa/ids" 

lh cflmfeadas woam up, pitting tReix stunts beftoiie tfte game. 

Joqwmq and Lcumy dim at to%ti*t 

J ~" 


CRay(> PifiACe (5), IhpM. 'Bwio (.11), and (OiistQ Scileida (l4) tobt on tde tea* (3x0m Georgia SoutdeJi*. 

Ik 1992-1003 ASC tydJUipoM Tea* 

Jawufta Giuwdy sets up My^ "Bewto 50*. a spofet. 

THe coacR doofes ex 


Ihpwi "Benito and CRjiisty JoRanse* tea*, up (jon a bUock 


^MSfftOKg State. QxJtkqt 
1QQ2-1QQ3 Pi/icfc T)CMlt Te£M 

"Austin' a wioite ok tile, count at kxlfj tm.t." 

TRe -AnstAong State Co£- 
ktyi Dance Team Ras, (30/1 4t 
past tRAee yeOAs, peAtpAmed at 
Ra^-tiwie duAing Rome basleet- 
baS gomes. Adoised by 
SRcuion Jacoby, tRe QiaCs OAe : 
gf?Oi[T (L io Q\ Chs 
< WQl^so^^ TomM] <M, JennifteA 

TaWWan, Lesdey 'Bcmokd, 
Coai^ PualXs, JennifteA Peed, 
tyoieJiie SRuwann, <NoMy 
Po(Wa, ApAyS, OofteMQw, and 
Ctfae A. 

TRe dance tea*, attended 
tKe \QQ2 Itoasd CfleeA- 
deading Association Cd!£ege 
and IkteJtsaB, Dance Asso- 

ciation SpiAit Coup duAing tRe 
summ£A owd came away witR a 
supeAioA Aating, tRe fogdest 
awcuid gitfen to teams at tRe 

PepAeSenting ASO weAe 
Citae An, ApAy(> CdWn 
Tammy <M, S^endy Jacoby, 
<tJo?£y PoIWa, aid Q/adeAie 
SRumOnn TRe team Competed 
against squads ftAom 36 otReA 
sc&xis at tRe weefe-ltang eOeKt, 
Redd at f/lidate Tennessee 
State in Mwip^ybeng, Tennes- 
see. Q4) tRAee otReA supe/iion 
Aatings weAe giUen (30A 

.AfoAA 'Division rr 

scioods, wRicR makes tRe 

awOAd quite an accompyWent ^ i9Q2-qs dq^ Te^ 
50A tRe young squad 

TRe danCe team, in onlly its 
tRind 5u?£ y^ 1 0(3 peA^oAming, 
Ras come a (tang way (jAom its 
Rumiie beginnings duAing Rag- 
time 05 a basteetba(!l> game 
just a ijm yeOAS ago. TRey 
Ratfe peA^oAmed at many func- 
tions since, mduding tRe MiSS 

ACS pageant and tRe St. 
Pat/iicte's Day parade. 
SRaAon Jacoby, wRo senses 
as adoisoA jjok tRe team, de- 
seAOes a g/ieat dead ojj tRe 

— OouAtesy 0(3 "Macle- 
boaAds and FacieboaAds" 


Tk Awstiiouq State College Dance Team ...Ik Poctettes?!?!? 

TKey a/ien't quite tile QoQtetttes, but tdese gild's ane good (jou'tfe seen tK&n. on tRe count, ok tde 
stage, p/iacticing outside 05 tne gywi, and in t&e St. Patty's Day paitade! 

Tlvis dance team (seeps g/ooing, 
and titey aiie getting betteA and 
betten eacR and eiMy yeai TRe 
team nodds open tuy-outs ead 
yean, so (seep an eye oi\t jjok 
Signs announcing t/iij-outs 1(3 
you a/ie intefiested in dancing. 
~Ih team captains (30/1 tRe 

1QQ2-1QQ3 yeOA wefie Q/(ieAie attempt to noise money 50/1 

SlWann and Gkxt -A. lh. ikiK squad, 

gi/ills, witR ik Mjp ojj tRein adoi- Cone out to a basteetba(!i> 

soft, Sftajion Jacoby, set up a game cme nigdt and cftecte out 

concessions bootR at Pixate ik dance team, as well as ilk 

baseball games in a success^ basketball game. 

TRe Dance Tea*, sponsored by CKu's T, IT, HI, ty, appeal in ik 1993 St Patxicfe's 
Day Pa/iade. 


ZJQOjtT. Coa&sso Lawsc* MTDDLS. JetwifceA Teepk, Debna Mowiet, KaiRy Kuxfee, Jodi HatfrM. 

BW, kk Farts BACK fasti Sleek, Maxuo Lindsay, (JoCande Otoe*. LaSlU 


Sv/omeWs Faslee-tbaK takes 
it to mjj R£iafos! 

1092-93 turned out \ueR (jok 5Q.O points peA game 
-AmstAongs women basket- To tRe AigRt sopRomone q2£- 
baE Coad Lenny Passinfe Confte/ienCe p(!ayeA (jdtande 
(^^womentoai6-l05iwsR OdiUeA mafees tRe bucfeet as sRe 

aVaws tKe (jod k a game 

QQQinSt "Bftewton Paftfee/l 

d e£ow, Knisti Steei!e sRoots as 
teammate Vta^a Lindsay 

ftinisRed 9-5 in tfe Pead Fe£t 

_/4tfac ConfteAenCe, earning 

Q tRi/id pta. ftinisR in tReiA 

ConfteAenCe, tRe best 5*wsR ^ pl&ys, "Ptee God, (let it go 

tRAee yeOAS. in!" 

TRe S^anen PiAate l?as- >lt tRe bottom JiigRt, Vtai- 

feetba(!£ team boasted two oa Lindsay malees a b/ieafe 05 

^-ConfteAenCe PeacR 'Belt Re/i own to tRe basfeet, as sRe 

A$h&t Con5eAenCe p(!ayeAS CAasReS tRe boOAds! 

in (jodonde C&UeA, a SopRo- Congratulations to tRe 

mo/ie and JennifteA Teep(!e, a 1992-1993 Sv/omen PiAates 

on a AewCUidinQ season, and we 
(M wisR you fucJe in yowi next 


(Re women a(!so foinisRed 13tR in 
tRe nation in defense in 
JiaAA-U, allowing o^y 



OR, tRose. dowdy undeigjiaduates, longing to g/iaduate. <Hat at 
-AimstKQiAq we. Raite six students wRo a/ie. undeAgjiaduates, -tRe 
etfeJi g/iowing ctes! JJ/iesRWn, p/iepajie. you/iselites . . . i^eJiy (j^ ^ Q ' 2fc 
it out 05 QxMetye, in fcou/i ye.a/is anywioJtei PiCMad. QboU-e. a/te. ORxis 
SdenfoieM, tk. cRailunQn 0(3 f^ocJe Me- P/ioduCtionS, witR (jAiewds, 
^4ny, Cindy, £jiic, and "a duck wttR no niMe." 




Dftft tlU court you cok catcA ^famfe Hung 
| 'UttiHQ in a 5«" «t*a Rows 05 
iMle is a (jxesiUoH guoxd tytom 
KuxiiKgtoK, JiJ, and is ok £.V>Ji hojoil 
Pictwed Rtxe witft D*. 'BWa, 2?w«b 
ptatis 10 lead «idd£e scilooi aftta Ris 
basfeetba£4 caneex. 

James -/4ddiKQtoK 
Sam Mguako 

DowaW _AO£JlSOH 

Catfty ^kieJisoK 

Temj MudeASon 

8biwa _/kieM 

Jeanwne _/'Wo(!d. 

KimbeJi£y Austin 

PWfcs BWs 

TKuy Faiitktt 

Lo/ma "BeC&nan 

^id&Om Benton 

_/Wy KeJienS 

MicMe BeJiAett 

TyAone. Ki^ngs^ 

Siting Foddie 

CatileJunfc Boman 

Samuel!, Bowen 

CatAwa Boyd 

BetR B/ianReA 

7ame£a B/iant£ey 

Jamie Baoum 

JoR* FwjiCe 

Kaxine BauCa 


^franfe Buaq UT 

CassandAa BusR 


MicMe But£a 

CJUisty ByAd 

MP";. ^4 



Stetfe 7/tasH teacles frktshm. pirates on 
tRe cane 0(3 oun. enWionwent. 

SteOe Tiiasd was bnougftt to campus by 
Open Doo/i P/ioduCtionS 05 GoMeQe Union 
TibaJid and entertained Students witR. RiS 
wactey tips on caning feon out suwoundings. 

PatxicJe GRjiistenson 
fAatit Godkaw 
Sonya GoRm 
Sandra Go2e 
Scott Go(>ey 
Keonfea God^wan 

.AaW Covins 
Hiuan Gonnedily 
Steven Gonwon 
GRjiis Gostas 
_At Gounts 
Ionian Gowant 

Kiubtity Gnozien 
yiiqud Giwz 
Scott Dai(>y 
Denise Daiuow 
Tawi Dixon 
Geongieanna DoRe/ity 

f/tafti!on Douse 
Gftad Doite 
Jennifer D/iaucteeii 
Ma/itlW VhekwJk 
Sadaetnis Duke 
LeaR. Dunagan 

Tonya Subantes 
JonatKan ^joix 
.Aa Zfowt 
TRowas 5^o/id 

Suzie r" foneMGn 


Candie <Nedjiicte 
Onystafc *feMeA 
"Dawc£ <fcie£«ici2 


. Jrjuufy I I 

PyuicRi i ■ 


Dawe£ JoRnson, a 5tesR*c* Quaxd 5*0* 
Roaddak, Iji, is tfte Putates' newest 
EDjK wajo/i on tRe basfeetbaM <ea»i. 
DanieU wRo wants to coacR, is pidtuxed. (Lexe 
witR MicJei Sisson 05 tile Education De- 

^£? 1 


"Tonja <WotoecJG 
JoRn <Nowe^ 
Miciad -WuaRes 
Kit*vJbe/i£y <klu& 
_x4bcU <&ui4ju£S 
Jon Int-<tiout 

<No(Uly rmcJe 
Hetty JacJeson 
kanen JacJeson 
He/wond Jamxs 
'Vood Jean-^ues 
f?egina Jennette 

Daniel!, JoRnson 
StQCi JoRnson 
Heti JoRnStone 
_Apna Jones 
Cbony Jones 
Jason Jones 

LafJRonda Jones 
Lofti Jones 
KatRjiyn Kanis 
SRawu KedsRaw 
Dawn Kenkeli 
Jennifte/i Kidd 

JonR. King 
Muway king 
(Jo5anda King 
StepRen KiUien 
SRannon Kitchens 
Joanna Kniselly 


\mk Kopte 

latftew Ko/ites 
Angela Kwga 
Do/iis Lane 

AhsMX Lee 

<fclope Lee 

MicMe Leitiwa 

JonQt(bn LeStei 

Mp/iit Lewis 

DebonaR LiwLquist 

<NeQtReA Ldoyd 

-Anette Logue 

Jaaquelyw Lou/iy 

Jema LuCMe 

Pobiw Ma^aid 
G/ieg Mai&ton 

Stacey Maites 

deatit Ma/isftc€ 

PatAick Mqmw 

KeAAy MatReKa 

Samantlla fAawmd 

Judy Jvfayo 

GabAiei McjCa^oy 

Jacfe McCuAicKeH 

James McOiaw 

Jason Mcte*^ 

"Donne MeatocJz 

Go/iy M«JSSneA 



So tdat's Jkxi ftneslUeK do at wgflt! 

c^Ikxt exactly tdis pictuxe *eans we axen't 
suxe. Hut wfto eke wouW be intfoHoed but a 
(j/ieslUan? Pictwie Couxtesy 05 l?obext 


Pauta MMouse 
JejmihtK f/Iixon 
(?on /vlixon 
Lo/ii Montgomery 
Daniel. Moone 
Jejjfowjj Moone 

yiano More 
Jamee f/loye. 
Sean MurtpRy 
"ViHton MuApRu 
Stephanie Mysifcife 
Tiftfrany J^abons 

Stepftanie Mo&s, 
Vk ifGuyew 
ytngeto Odow 
DonotRy OSAtex. 
MicM> OftteA 
Kxisten Oxtfin 

Jason Pand 
<Wae Soo Paxte 
AbM Pexxy 
"Brian Petit 
StepRanie VUhpS 
Lilian Piexxe 

Ejiilea PieAC£ 
_/Wbex Paueil 
Tommlj Pxoctox 
Judie ^QamKtz 
SReAi Peagan 
Sv/atteA Qtest 




' i's 1092 (jjusIUqk. 
Top Pow. Susqr Snitd .Aue PacJzky. 
Txjcu McConfefe 1?— fJ\i(Mt Ldua and 
Joanna Aomso. 

tyinCen PilteAS 

CRucJe f?oad 

G/iace bobbins 

Tobb Pobenson 

Don Powacfe 

Qdoezm Pusding 

£nflique SqucKez 

C-iiaig Sassel" 

£.od Saoage 

_Age£a SayeJis 

Mfee Sci(A£ibeA 

Louise SciUdl 

gallon Scott 

Sliced Scwiggs 

_An SedeingeA 

Stepanie SReOJiKouse 

Daniel SReJiMCin 

MiAiQH Sibxx 

GRjustu SwitR 

LeigR SwitR 

Susan SwitR 

^Viftfoam Swpes 

CKAistopden Soucy 

QeM£. SlendeA 

.Agei Stevens 

QJkxm^ Stewart 

TRomQS StoCfeton 

AtRony StAicJzltand 

Lunette StAoRbuscR 

Toni StAicJzS-and 


Candle. Sun&fiS 
7)iac^_ Taiwan 
Lan (qhq 
Kk Taub 
Joe. Tayltan 
Paw Taydon 

Jm&foex Teepk 
Cftad TRowias 
(jafeina TouMsend 
Jim Tunnel 
£?a("p I Q/an Dnooge 
Todd <Watoi 

Vowjl 'Washington 
^Wewdij 'Watson 
Many 'Watts 
MicJtael <Wau 
Cafesa Wis 
Joslfoa cvJwdlekeM. 

Awqtkx Sv/ftite 
M^ssa <Wftitsdi 
Lisa "Wi^att 
Cnusta£ <Wi(!son 
Caleb Zippeia. 
GnetcJUt Zippeiei 




Sssie ^4cLqms 

Janice -Aidison 

Sean -/liken 

Scott -/Me* 
KatRy .Ade/ison 

Pandy _/Wbie 

PatAide "Babuda 

PRyC^na Fawett 

Oeto Kesi 

Me^anie Ffocfeen 

Jennihefc Koden 

CandiS "Boston 

Titn HoofeeA 

SKeAi H/iown 

TeM Knoxton 

PobeAt Kkuku 

JeAemy 'Enxm 

-Ana DUCJ2 

Tawedb Fuck 

SReteey Carf 


Ofdavda Ukoa is a sopRoKOte ylSC 
basketball pfoye/i ftnow EMabeifc, Geoxgia. 
Site was tde. 1991-1992 PeacA Helt -M- 
SetiC. ConftefienCe Poofeie 05 tfte ytCU, and 
tRe onl!y fietu/wino, pSayeJi 5*°* -AwSttotig's 
1991-1992 season. Congnaiutoions, 
6jol!anda, and good bcfe next y&cmJ 




km Gautans 
Gtoy GRappdt 

-/4nne Oo/idiAo 
Jesse Oounsey 

Rouen. Daws 
JenefoeA Def?oy 
Dawn Dobson 
Monica Dodzo 
Cladem DonaW 

Tena Doug(!as 
KeMey Doy£e 
JacJeijV Dya(> 
SHUte cnzoJi 
Diane ^feteiano 

Lawiy ^fonJeneii 
GantR ^/lazieA 

MaAWa G/ieen 


j\ Coupie 0(3 times Q yeCuu tfle Student 
GoOeJinwent dissociation doids Q "Stood 
"Dxilte in Connection wtd tRe l?ed CaoSS. 
■fcieJie, Q Student is Seen "qjDwq tRe Qiftt 0(5 

<NeQtReA Guyei 

KatRAyn ■Waiwes 

GeAi <Nansea 

Selina <klaAgo/ute 

SowQ <Wawis 

Jufce <fcJawiison 

Jutifc <kla/m>ett 

TRot^as Paynes 

Janet "fcletdeAington 

SRaiwoK <Wo/itOK 

BWda <fcloWs 

Patricia "fcJoaeM 

^A/icJe Hudson 

Linda Hdtttt 

"Dawd I/i£Madze 
feWda JacJzson 
Ktenda JacJ&on 
SRaiwon JaueM 





KqwIeK _/Woss, a junion folio* CHeUedand 
Qtt, is a ftonwaAd on ./WstAong State's 
basteetba(!£ tea*. _/4 toejiad a/its wajon, 
KaJidete is planning ok a COAea in atretics, 
and is pictured fake, mil Sddie At- 
ncitbaeRen. 0(5 tde pRysicai education de- 


C-llewentine Jones 
<tleJibent Katawba 
Mancella keefte 
Steven Kindled 
Angela LancateA 

Jasob Lee 
(?obyn LeicMng 
Jewiy Lindsey, Jl 
_Age(kl Loire 
"Stat Lowny 

AIMcm. Lyons 
Diane Mcurtin 
Danied Mayes 
MicM McCowb 
Peggy McGee 

Oyntfoa McGuiie 
Eileen }MeX 
Eugene Mi^a 
Sv/lia* M%an 
Joy Moo/ie 


Tokja jAooie. 
Scott Morgan. 

Gina Oetgea 

Susan Ootesbee 

Tiiaaj PatAicfe 

SRon Pmy 

JMjsok QuiiweMy 

Mtaa f?atc%6 

IjJette f?au 
onia f?eia 
f?ouCe Pigdon 
}Aokxd kWdbafeea 
SKawon Pzasa 

TLwy Sa*ue£s 

Gavaicz Sapp 

James SlWton 

<Voh SlUidea 

CatAiCfc SimmokC 


£n fyouge? j!ot quite. A\ ik annual 
Roweco»ung Hip syncA contest, ftoux. °fe 
MSG's baseball pdayexs put on tRe gaxb 
05 tRe singing sensations £n Q/ouge, and 
strutted tReiA stu55 or tRe stage. TRe 
dancing beauties ant Kenny Sv/idfcctMS, CRxis 
Spangde/i, Jay SReppand and Tony Kunfea. 

Ga/iy SwitR 
PebeJeaR SwitR 
SReiuii SwitR. 
SRawu Swi-tR 
_/4(>an SolWfi 

Diana So^OKion 
Jintti Soucy 
TihtjQW) StepRews 
Ml StetzeA 
ORju'StopReli Swanson 

Svjbia Swanson 

f?OS£ Ttlstt 

Ckxne. {JpcUkcI 
Mania Vinson 
Oaiia cvJadt 

Stepftanie <VaMace 
Donna S^asRington 
Diane fattens 
Lex Am ^WeSt 
Sv/tot Sv/Rite 




Jewufra Sv/u and Meiawe SauawcJl axe 
caugRt cowing out 05 a «££tmg in fAeAOtidl 
(icdtqt Cento. "BotR Qixts axe soplta- 
moms, QHd gjmduates 0(5 Catoaxy "Baptist 
<Nigit scflocA. Meiawe is a musing wqjox, 
and Jtmfoex is . . . StiSi undecided 

CuntRia Sv/idtonS 

Jon °k//ugR.t 

Elanie ^oung 


Qtutt <Wuison, wRo \M g/iaduate in De.Cejn.beJ, Swides 501. t&e. on a (iefldelisilip ne-tiieflt 


"TJleJie cowes a tke. in eDefcy student's difoe wRen tRe coddege ca/iee/i must coine to an end. Sa/^R. 
gnaduation (bowing in tfa nea/i foutUAe, "fee. senio/is wust pnepa/ie tRewse(k>es jjok tljjt k tRe 
"Ktal wodd." jl/tany UKfenowK dangers ftuAie out tReiie in tRe "nead would" (\\a& -tRey a/ie Riding 
beRind eOeJiy Coiwefi TRe (tawlly unde/ig/iaduates ftefjt to ^ yowi seats wisR yoa wucR ducte, and 
Rope to join you soon. 



CkwjL .Adtaws 
Qdbext ylsftby 

Joseph Fabufla 

Fiidgette. "Bayfcoii 

Ama 'Eohi 

Qkwjl Fnooles 
Jcunes CxMmdad 

Fob My 
Dianae. Daniels 



Jose "Biddy Ganza 

A/fcdjied Geaiges 
La^issa Gibson 
Linda Godden 

Mi^ad <Nopton 

Judy <N(MpRjiies 
Qtwtt <WuisoK 
PobiK Ja/uiand 



Qkwda JoRksok 

"Dqk KaiXMiugR. 

DebonaR Kiwg 

Linda Lestei 

Joette Vfe 

Qobai Vlo/uiis 

Bonnie Payne 

JJ/ianCes Petnasde 

Jake PRi%s 

7/iacey Powe/is 



Lquhq Qkxk 
Jam Qitd 

T)Q/l££K£ f<WpR 

Qomld Sadowski 

Pusty Zitttaueit 


Tanya Stafoftond and Joanna _/4ccunso — It's a wondejiftud Cjfoe! 

Student Lifj-e 

<fcJexj guys, b/ung oun pants back! 
.yken't you supposed to be in ^4tgebna? 

So, Mfe£. Row's tde pizza? 


S^ftat do you MS->U/ r« not ^ <fclawis? 



■Way, coacl! S^dy is TO_M(J\ out 05 unifto/mi. 

OK, say tan. you see 

Sv/ed we tKougKt Re (looked pnetty good. 



-A Red 


IjoMtd 4e. "Ike S^Q/ip" fr/iow tde 
PocJey ^o/uio/i Picta SRow in fde 

annual fop SCJKCR COH-teSt, winning fri/tSt 

prize and $250.00. 7£e gi/i£s 
ptayed. up tRe. costumes and tRe 
Gbtawa in o/ide/i to beat out tRein stifrfj 

COMpfctitiOR. PiCtU/l£d Re/l£ Q/l£ Pfc 

Mu's Pock) <Nowlo/l Top (tylOW 
£e(jt to RigfcO. Melawie SawlnicR, 
7/ucia McOo/icMe, ^We PacJe^, 
J.J. SawMOKS, SfteMey Cawioft£, 
Tonja fJlooKE, Dina Q/ogei "Bot- 
tom-. Susan SwitR and Joanna ^Icu- 
hso. "Madness took Cont/ior 0(5 tRis 
buncR to get tnm in tReSe outfits' 


Asa Stoied! 

Ok Jlprdi 5, 1QQ3 ^WstAOKg was batteie-d by a jjnejDk kxll stoAM. Campus Ufa woweKtaiud-y Ranted as can 
Roods u/eJie ckKted, QKd aowpus buiddings Rad a (jew wmdows sRatteAedL 

ft takes watunt to skw down itofoljL on Science V>wt. 

CJQASti, PlMG. 'BAMG wait \h MOO, dtamq tde stotai. 



Jlow M'fee! T told you &ai window woufct sbtt 


(jea, boles fee you we/ie AigRt Powie. 


"Ski* "Bfaybcte, aaugdt in tRe act. 

Sv/Ride. contempo/ia/uj, popuCon vviusic bdasted 
tRAougR tRe newdy installed sound system Ik tRe 
A/fcO, lastk digRts ftonmed a so/it 0(3 tfdeo 
sRow otfe/i tRe danCe ftdoo/i. £iten tRose students 
not inclined to danCe we/ie ente/itained by botR 
tRe antics 05 tRe danCens, and tRe dasens. A 
good time was Rad by add 


TRe 1993 homecoming "DanCe went IteJUj weM. 
PoCie Me- P/ioduCtionS, Q diOiSion 0(3 (3o(!lege 
Union 'B'oand, sponsoned tRe daseA. (!igRt jump 
club." Students piCed into tRe Meinoiuafc College 
Oenteft, now t/iansfooimed into an autRentiC, danCe 
club. <&e/ie, Students anxiously QwQited tRe an- 
nouncement 0(3 tRe '93 RomeComing queen and 
danced tRe nigRt away. 

TabitRa c Weg*aw* stuuts ReA stuftfo o* 1 <^ dk^ce (jtooit. 


1 A 

Lite i^m 

J 1 


Jose-pR "Babuta and Tkxci Lou-e. faugH and dance in tRe 'jump 

Go, CVoKdadyn, go Q/onda. 

.Aianda Lawbuose danc&s witd tRe mysteiuous stuangen. 


TRe <WcMe(jCMng Count 

J kl young Sadies 
I 'lep/ieSenting _/4SC in 
1 iklQQ3 
<Nanecotning Oowit wete 
Tonja Moone, Mcudy 
COAteA, Ami McO^eod, 
<Neatd£A Sv/oaoL Connie 
"EiozM, cwd Ejim "Beadk 
_yM oft tdfc young Sadies 
(tadsed beautifeuS ik nigRt 
JosepR "Babiia announced 
tdfc queen, and tRe MeMO/iiaS 

TRe 1003 <fclo*eCO*ing Cowt, antici- 
pating tRe CAowning o(j tRe new queen, 
Tonja, Mandy, .Ane, <tieatReA, Con- 
nie, and Sun. 

CoMege CenteA was buzzing 
witR excitement. S^Ro was to 
be oua new ^otneCowing 
queen? TRe onCe noisy 
CAowd beCQtne Silent OS 
JosepR app/ioacRed tRe 
miCAopRone io Qmoa^Qz tRe 
winneAS 0(3 tRe weefe's 
DOAious events, and ik 
Contestants ReM tRei/i b/ieatR 
as Re p/iepOAed to announce 
ik queen's none. 

£»in TSeadlie, Sponsored by tRe Stu- 
dent Georgia -Association 05 Edu- 

c k/e.'/ie. SoMt) 

TRe GeecRee Staftft was unabUe to 
locate Ok individual colon pRoto 05 
*Jea<ReA Sv/axd to be displayed as 
paxt 05 tRe <ttomeco»iing Count on 
tRese two pages. ^}ok tRis we apolo- 
gize. tkatReA, wRo is an .Aastnong 
State cReeAleadeA, is pic tuned in tRe 
gxoup pRoto abotfe. 

Am. McCleod, sponsored by Atpkx Gouma Delta. 


fRe Dotes were in, and tRe Count was dose, 
but we kxd a winne/L f/Wdy Canter, Q junior, 
was tRe frirst runner-up, representing _/l(>pRa 
Sigma CRi, tRe pRysicad education dub. jl/landtj is a 
pRysicad education major. 

Tonja Woone was our mu RomeComing queen. 
Tonja, wRo was Sponsored by PRi Mu fraternity 
(jok cyJovAM, was, at tRe time, tRe DiCe-pneSident ojj 
tRe SGA (Student GoDelinment Association). SRe 
was esco/ited by Rer (tang time boyfriend and new 
frianCee, Robert 'Emm. Tonja Ras been a 
C<N_/40S (leader, and an active part 05 tRe 
student senate. SRe Ras been Deity actiOe on our 
campus since sRe enroled Rene in 1989. Tonja, too, 
is a pRysica^ education majon. 

Congratulations to Tonja and Mandy, and 
special tRanfes to }Adkk LeRtma, tRe cRai/unan 05 
tRe Coddege Union "Board's Pageant Committee, Ijok 
doing an excellent job witR Rer (jftst pageant eDent. 



Tonja Moo/it, 1QQ3 <Howetonving Quetn. Sponsoned by Pfc Vk- 

Connie. 'Ew.z.M, sponsored by tRe CHewustny Cdub. 

Mondy Oa/ite/i, (ji/ist iwnneii-up, sponsored by Abpla Sigwa Cfc. 


TO T<N£ tiOOP 

"(JO, Re^jl <fcle stepped on my sRoes! Akl you bdind?" 

Mfee <fc|QAK£Ji bueafeing tfUougR tfte. ftuSi CouAt pfieSS. 

StyJm. TRe. Suptone Count. 


lit fJiejtfivq. 

Ok ik 25tR 05 

SpOKSOAed TRe Jl/leetiwg, Q 
p(!ay w/iitten by Jeftfo 
Stetson and di/iected by 
ORucJe StuitR. TRe p(!oy is 
about wRat wigRt kxot 
RappeHed 15 MaMn LutReA 
King, Jl (pdayed by 
G/iegony ^an-Sv/ffiaws) 
and fAokdU X (Sdqk 

LioneO Rad wd be^o/ie fa 


TRe pftoy gatfe us tRe 
cRanCe to see. tRe too gneat 
ciuiS, /ugRts taie/is, and fa 
agji££M£nts and 
disagA££M£uts ok tRe 
MCttwwt Ik Meeting adso 
a(!i>ows us to see \dat wigRt 
RaDe RappeHed 1(5 tRe too 
wen Rad wet (tange/i tRan a 
(jew minutes in Sv/asRington. 



ptoy Rad many outstanding pen^o/i- 

ces. TRe two deadens in a batik oft ideas. 


fTe (Mdege Union 
"Boa/id Ras (jilte 
cojvuvutteeS: i^ocJe Me- 
P/ioductions, Open Doon 
P/ioduetioKS, tyJPAC, 
Pageant, awd Publicity. 

Gnegoiiy Aliafi- c VJiUliOMS XigRt — Slton Lionel" defrt. 



PiAOteS waiting foot. tRe '93 homecoming 
game to get staMed. 

TRe good guys take a bieatlU, toi&£. tRe 
bad guijs tafee a sdot. 



rij you a/ie a student at .AwstJiowg, tRe/ie a/ie 
ftew things you con Count on in tRe montR 05 
Janua/ii). _Mt tRe end o^ tRe montR PiUQteS 
wa/un tRemsebes up witR spirit days, basleetbadl and 

homecoming week nodis a/iound ok Januany lQ, 
and just keeps ok kotlkq o$JL week dong. Ok 
Tuesday tRe/ie was tRe panty-Ranty cRa^-in and 
twisten games. Sv/ednesday b/iougRt Odd Time 
Photos 6 CXk eating Contest. TRunsday meant tRe 
SGA bank ok tRe count against tRe 
_/4dminist/iation. JJiiiday was tRe day Don l^eed 
iniraded to Rost tRe dip sync contest. Ok Satu/iday 
tRe/ie was tRe big game against Pemb/ioke State, 
wRicR was ijollomd by a lasa oideo dance. Sx/Rat 
a week! Stents during tRe week we/ie sponso/ied by 
tRe Oodege Union KoCUid 

It goes witRout saying tRat it was once again a 
g/ieat homecoming (jo/i _/4SG. 

Top iefjt: Ofep fjutci das been wateing -tRe. tflip to ylSO's <kfo*eCortiKg foo/i 

About-. Sfce. boles senious about getting an ^4 in M-^TiOi! 

SMC wawiy we now. 


^owej&cMug '03 

Of tot woufcd 
a I . January be 
f \J uitftait Od 

Time PRotoS and ^Video 
"Buttons, not as mucR butt 
TRis yeaAS homecoming 
was special 5 0,L Q ^ °b 
tRe students, (jacudty, and 
ctabb at yWst/iong 

State College in some way 
on anotRei 19Q2-Q3 \iM " 
be nemembeAed as tRe yean 
we elated a mu President 
05 tRe United States, said 
good-bye to odd blends 
and Mho to new ones, and 
bound a b^end in 
ybimstJiong State College. 

Below. PnepcmafoH (jon OW Time Pno- Lefrt. Ifo you don't Raite any pRotos 05 
tos « tile MCC. TRe pRotos Ra>e upux distant netatiaes just sRow up fro* 
become a Pmate Tiadition. <NoweCOining. 


TRe Re/ios ob tRis 
yeans homecoming a/ie 
tRe membeAS ob CUE 

6 sGA Ji toiis, 

l^omie SdenbieCd, botR 
basketball* teams, and 
etfeJtyone eke wRo gaite 
a Rand du/iing tRe weefe. 

"Let's See Row wany 0(3 us wi(!£ frit on one ^Video "Button." 


"Hv/Ren you said we'ne going to tdt gyw T 
did wot know you meant to take, pictu/ies." 

"fclow.ecow.iwg is beautiful 



■ • 

^-n are here !! 

TRe best pant about taking a tfdeo 
button is getting a Oideo button. 


Goiy Lokq 

Open Doo/i 
piiesented OaiiL) 
Long on 2?ftiday, Maud 
l2tR in tRe MeMO/iiQ^ 
College Oente/i ft was tRe 
pajjeLt way to stant tRe 
weefeend 0(3(3, wtR Q Gaugd 
TRe sRow was a tAeat (30/1 
tRose wRo missed Cany 
Long on sucR "KY sRows 
as "Comic StAip Litfe" and 

-/4(jta Q ^g ^y 

sitting tRxougR classes 
students got a cRance to 
Kekxx in tRe nioRt dub styde 
atmoSpRe/ie. Many 05 tRe 
Students, wRen tRey wene not 
toughing Rystefticaddy, 
enjoyed (jiiee /ie(jJiesRmentS, 
Stfeftyone wRo came out 
(30/1 tRe nigRt Rad a g/ieat 

Top 05 Paqi, Cany Long late about tofot. 
.Aw AlO! TRat's not a Rand puppet. 
► axy deMOKStxates tRe wadfe 0(3 fcfte. 

"G-kxp youn kxwds baby, clap you/i Hands!" 

Stelte S\/fote. 

SttDt 'Vfcte. a/uiiued ok corpus at 8=00 
V]J[ ok Octobei 2. His, omx 05 
ope/iatioK was ik jl/fo<3, ^one exactly tRe 
caftetejiia. He aa^t uM ok^ one weapoK, comedy. 
<We used iJkxt weQpoK to enteJitain, to (30/iCe 
•AnstAong studeKts to weep wrtd daugRteL <Nis 
wissioK was a success. 

"Hoy!" "THese yinMStnong students ane tougd." 

"<Ney, you cute not daugfowg.' 


SI SM) (M 
tRat "TiasRI <Ht is 
wanted in oHi ofj 
tRe Uvted States, so be 
enOfoownentaPily caAefoud 
SteUe "TaqsR" is a lOO% 
Rip, lOO% eMLtainenta^ 
frtiend&j, and a iOO% 
garbage. >lt tKe sRow 
pinates actua^ towed 
enDiAowneHtal!, stuftft wfefe 
being eMteAtQiwejd. ft cat wot 
get tnucR bette/i tRan tRat. 

J\\ RigR noon on 
TRunsday, Ma/icR 4tR in tRe 
MCC. Steite "TiiasR" 
Sta/ited ((is enUiAonwental!. 
magic sRow. "T/iasR" 


explained witR tAasR Row 
tRe entfiAontneKt wottes, and 
Row we need to wo/iJe witR 
tRe entfiAonjnent. lOO% Rip 
was tRe. way Re twined 
Comedy/magiC into a 5un 
way to 2ea/iK about tRe 
(Minomexl. lOO% 
SnOi/iontnextadiiy tyu'endEy 
was tRe way Stetfe "TiiasR" 
Cleaned up tRe JdlCC 
afrte/i Re was done. 100% 
ga/ibage, wdi *ov& 05 
wRat Re Rad to say was 
ganbage. TRe etfent was 
sponso/ied by tRe Collect 
Union Hoand's Open Doon 

Top 05 Paqt, Sietfe "TiasK" and (lis 
iMit 5/iiend Raoe a ta&. 

Abcot, "TwsR" pbys an euwn. . 
tat game wtlt a student. 



"Second tfeJise 90* 1 -■ <blemuj tAe. 

Kcuiaofee? ^jou fe^ow! 
It's tRat CAQze tRat 
is ta&ng tRe county 
by stoiu*. at feast tRat is 
wRat etfe/iyone is saying. 
Since tRis mu Kanaolee 
tRing was doing so uxJUL 
etfeiiywRe/ie else Pock Me. 
P/ioduCtionS decided to 
biting it to tRe .AmstAong 
caMpus. Stfe/iyone Rad a 
hi 05 foun tRat nigRt, wedd 
tRat is except fook tRe 
cRai/wan 05 (^ocle Vk ^ 
said Ris enns. Runt ft/iow 
aM, tRose students t/tying to 
sing tRein foauotitt songs. 

between tRe best 
Kanaolee singe/i contest and 
tRe 2nd game in tRe wofidd 
seiiies on TV in tRe M^O 
(tabby, it is safoe to say 
oSl do attended Rad a 
bdast. "By tRe way, ift 
av^ov^t is keeping SCone, 
Vla/iCeMa Keefoe won tRe 
Kanaolee contest. SRe 
coudd nea(!ly wait! 

"Stetfe! £tfe/iyone. is staniwj 


"Pofci Tke" 


Adopt- A-HqLa^ 

^T"*^ uiing tRe 

L^ scRoofc yecui tKe 
Aimsttong Student 
GoUeiinment Association 
toote pOAt in tRe loml 
pjioQJta*.. SGA was giu-evi 
tRe awesome taste 05 
cleaning up AbencoJin tRis 
yean, and 05 cowise being 
Aimst/iong's SGA-- tRe 

SGJi dfcQKS up ^Ibacoiu. 

got done. 

TRe Adopt- A-<fcligRway 
and Ped C/ioss Mood 
Dnilfe ane just two 0(5 
many pnog/iams tRat SGA 
Red-pS out in. TRe Student 
GolteAnment Association 
bedieites tRat by Raping out 
in tRe Community, we ane 
actual Reaping tRose ido 
suppont tRe CoWege. 

"TRwfe I'M. wonfe or tRe otRa side 05 tRe 



M * 


TRe Student Gotf- 
e/wment Association 
woudd. Wee to sadute 
JosepR Fabuda, ftoii 
Ris tRaee yeans 05 Se/i- 
UiCe as a\\ SGA exec- 
utive oftbiCeJi 

(L to I?) Fnandon Isaacson, ^nantess JeftfteJis, Fob "DaCy, Tbuja fAoote., Pusty Zittnaue^, Mfee (TRe f^a*) GWdbacoK, 
Pat Owiat. 


Sv/Ro's ycm TO? 


do (S LjOUJl 

dbuoeji? TRat 
was tRe question asked as 
once again tRe SG^4 
organized Dftunfc 'DniDing 
_A/aiieneSS Sx/eele in 
Conjunction wrtR tRe national 
l2ed Gibbon Steele. 
_Atong tRe attractions 
wefte wJieCfeed IteRideS on 
tRe. (jJtont dawn 05 tRe. 
campus, Comedian _/4.J. 
Jamad, and a mocfctaid 
pa/ity. TRe tu/iK out was 
outstanding, students came 
and liaised tRei/i \ao^a- 

adcoRodic chunks 50"- a 
toast to a week dedicated 
to safety and awa/ieness. 
TRe annual el^ent took 
p(!ace o\a Octobe/i 26 tRru 
Octoben SO. 

TRe Comedian J\J. 
Jamad, \Ao is a (joiweJi 
TB}J[ Gompute/i Cnginee/i, 
is dimitllessdy ciieatiite wRen 
it Comes to cbiunk cUilMS. 
A.J. Ras appeared 0^ 
sucR sRows as <tlKO s 
"Deft Comedy Jam, 
SRowtime, and TRe AhSeMio 
<NgM SRow. 

<Wey! (jou in tile. bade. LaugRJ 

J[J. dewoustiiates wftat Happens wRen 
you cUinte and diuue. 

ykd you tdougRt youii iait damage was bad! 


ofj dozens 0(5 
JSC abmi tRe 
excitement 05 Oiiea CJliddAen, 
tRe Spiiiit 05 Student 
tfdWteeiis, Q piiotfen Ristoiiy 
05 tjuw, and a sunny 
Saturday and wftat do you 
Raae? -AwstJiongbest 
19Q2! On Saturday 
October 10, 1QQ2, a(Wi 

"Below. (?ene£-<fcludson is always Reap- 
ing out a 5»»twi 


Josie MuipRy just 
isn't tRe ow you 90 to 
taSfe to about a(Wi 
abb ^. sde's tRe one 
you just go to ta^fe to. 
TRanfes feoii aftE tile yp 
tRis yean. Josie, 

and blends gatReiied to 
CeSebiiate tRe SeltentR 
annual -Ajnstiiongbest, a 
bestilXiC bo 11 tile enttiie 
bamid-y. J^JL piioceeds go 
to bund scRodaiisRips 
awaiided eacR spiling to 
ASC students. TRe cause 
is a(Wost as good as tRe 
Kawrbuiigeiis and snowball's! 
— Josie MuipRy 

Miss Asa 1Q92 .Agefcsa Saoage. 

Unsung "tJeAo 05 Mimstimg^est Josie Muipfty- 


lit ^WstnonQ Stale 

GoWleQe Student 
Goueiw*ent Association t 

adways MpWJ ° wt * ^ 
cowvwui^. Once again tKis 
aeans SGA Hbod 
T)iui>e was a success. -/is 
seen in tne pact, 
^lunstnong's student 
n lK«ent Ras Receded 
*aw awards fee* hs "& 
b oi tile Ped Gross, tnis being no exception. 

.AiASttong stuctas a^e 

always wiMMj to Mf out 

;G^i Hfood 'DiuDe. 

L fed C«s s.a b b «« Wf V" «** ""« q " tS1i °" S 

you *iqdi taife abolrt W 

'j^fow ant you suxe 

te„» t a b fr«-*^^* s,ttX,FttC 


It's q PLjiG POM Touiwey! 

/] (Wost etfeJiy time pong tou/wey was an. 

/J you waGfe into attewipl in t(k AMtilt 

***/ V tde fooyei. 0(5 depa/itment to (jind out w&o 

tRe gym, you wiGH (jind a .AmstAong s best ping 

coupfte 0(5 -AmstAong pong pdayeA naaWfy was. % 

Students in tde. middlle oft Q you tfcwle you'ne. a good 

stifot^y competitive game ping pong pllayeJi, stop by 

05 ping pong. TRe. ping tde. gym Sometime . . . 

(Top Qiqjki) A>xMkq \k ping pong baW 

CAotfe) ConccKixaie . . . COKCcnenif 

&m PigRo Ow. two, ike*. . . and 



Micitaei Mam oft tHe -/Wstnong Student .Axtay PatnoC unites a xepont on a 
tfeilide assist. 


Ridkxnd Todd and Michael Mawin assist a student by jumpstawing kx cm 

I 'icibiid and jAdad idl Di Steite £a^ oft tfk Depart*^ 05 Gou-e./w*ent to 
spiiead 'ew." TRat'K te.acK iW not to pcufc in a no pacing zone!! 


T)ewoCAO(s in -At 8toon 6jem 

1h yefl/i tRey wejie Oicto/uous. 

TIE campus was a/iound campus passing out in 12 yeans, and it was tHe 

buzzing ijok ik 5^4^ Qw ^ posting tftem to foi/ist time a(jte/i a piiesiden- 

1992 p/iesidentiad, tde wa01s in etfeiiy buidding. tiaG, election ikxi no one 

elections. Students wooing 1992 was tde. yean tile was willing to admit tftei) 

on campaigns, botR plieSi- democratic pa/ity was sue- looted (jo/i tRe winneL 

dentiad,, Senato/iiad, mi££ed CeSSfoul!, jjoK ik {fist time 


-Aiejiico <HeM Postage — f?usd LkbaugK. 

College Pepubfe- 
cans wefte ib/id ok 
tne catnpaign tnaife in 
1Q02 fton President Geor- 
ge l5us(L "TCle ejection 05 
a fend fee M Clinton 
was a crushing bdow to ik. 
ConSe/iOatiDeS o(j tRiS na- 

tion. As, £usn LMbaugd is 
bond 05 saying, .America 
was taken "Hostage." ^4s 
yUeHiCanS udi be punished 
(50/1 success oUeJi tne v&xi 
5ouil yeans, tne ~/4SO 
Coddege Republicans uow 
to do anything and elte/iy- 

tning to take tnis Country 
bade in 1096. Anyone in- 
terested in joining tile Cod- 
dege Republicans in tdiS 
efoftort can contact tRe 
Student MctiDities oftfjiCe 
(50J1 tnore information. 



KatRexine Acumso, an Associate 05 Dental!, -klygiene graduate, waits (70)1 (Re tine 
10 wadfe acxoss tile stage. 


Graduates wait at tfte podium to Ktc&ot tReiA pnecious deques. 

Miss katRenine ^4ccuaso was tRe fritst graduate 05 tRe nigRt. 

G/Laduation 19Q3 

On June 11, lOOs, .Anst/iong State 
CoMege gnaduates and fa frMite 
CAatnmed into tRe JoRnny Me^iCeA TReateA 
at tRe Sa^annad OiOic, Gente/i fto/i tfte 1QQ3 
ConwenCejnent exeACiSeS. Jjanvifces tJiatfeMed (3/iow 
add oOeA, sotne to be tunned away because tfte/ie 
was not enougft aoowi in tne tneateiu ^Vext yea*, 
graduation \iM kxot to be SOwtewfteAe else. 


"Biddy Gatea and Ris w£>4ex at tRe ASC 19Q2 Cou*enC£MeHt Sxacises. 


M&s yi/imstong State 1QQ3 

1903 Pagearf Gowmttez 

f~~ IE 1993 Miss 
^WstAong State 
CxMjeqt Pageant 
went peJifteMy tRanks to 
Pageant ORaiMan W 
(Mk LeRtwa fend left. 
abotfe). Ih nine Contes- 

tants in tRe 1993 Pageant Putft S^Rit^eW, and Sua 
weAe Siun VIicM£e "Bow- Annette (JanbonougR. A\ 

}ltx\ paQe. Tottja Moote, <fcJowfcCo»uw; 
Quae* 1QQ3. 

wan, KatRALjn Raines, Jk- 
etiia ^UinpRxieS, Jenni^en 
ke% Dionne MicMe 
Lewis, (jtfette Matit £ay, 
TeAesa SmitR, KunbeftEy 

tRe end of) tRe e^ant eve- 
ning MiSS KimJbe^y Hv/Ritb" 
M was MiSS -AjnStAong 
State Co^ege 1993. 



Miss ^Wstag 
State Col 

TKfi. 1993 Miss -/Wstiiong State. Od- 
foge- Pageant was as g(!aw£>iious as it Ras 
eiteA beew. Contestants Compeitd in eitening 
gown, swksuit, awl tata competitions. "Dur- 
ing tRe day contestants weie. judged in a 
peASonad intelDien;. 

./4t tRe. exd ojj tRe. elteninO Miss KimbeJi^ 
^VRitftield was CJtowned. Miss yWstAong 
lOQs by Miss .Agellisa Saaage, Miss 
AS.a. 1902. 

Miss -AS.O, '93 Contestants 

Ejiin fiddle. "Bowman 
KatRiiyn Raines 
ytatAa <NumpRAies 

Te/iesa SmitR 

kwbexfy PutR Sv/Ritfreid 

2aa ./Wtte (janbo/iougR 



Miss -Ajustog State GoGfege. 199? KkbeJt£y Putft. c WRit(jid>cl 


Ih. £.u!Momtvda.l Coalition, "Ticket JUttica Campaign.' 

Gtes and O/igauizotioKS 

t?adio(tagy TezkofoqU} Student Mssociation. 


Geonqia yissociotion ok Stuart Jlfwises. 

^WistfLOKQ Gospe£ GKoiL 


B K 



lit "Best k Gsolltqt P/iess 

He ftfaix&L Stafoft 50IL iJk 1QQ2-Q3 yenn consisted 
wostdy 05 (5^0^ ^5* to JugRt bottom to top). Ote 
Edanydld, "Distiubution ; SfteMey Cqwlo^, staftft wtfteA 
and Sditon 501 1QQ3-Q4; Jacmda Gad&ey, £ditoji-in- 
Cfce.5, Michel!, Sv/ofai, newCowteJi, f^ejvee, <Wutson, 
yissistQKi Sditoji; and not pictu^d, Scott and SteUe. 
"THnougd Contnoite/isi) and cRaos, tRe Iwf2weM is always 

K ' iK 


V^ 2 

f * 

****■ ^1 

*5* V 

EsP?. . ^vt.^l 


Jpf HfrsMiSA/'i* ~ 

^^\ ^^! >XltmrAr*lk'* 

<^bL ~^5?9l 

* .^^ "'*F ~*$ 


Mr s ^8 



».**/ ^i 

tjhsb />" 


^^•^•■•C^L -r, 






T4 * #•/ 1 

^ ™^i 1 


SWky Cauott. Sditon-iK-Cfacfe. a*d ClUis Zdutjeki A&stM Sditom wonfe ok tfte 1993 GeA State 0(3 CoKfriSicx 

"Re GejAz 

J\ State ojy Coupon 

%lt want ei^e/iyone to understand tRat -tRis book was 
p/ioduced. in /3 tfte amount o(j time, an exdlctoA. is usuaddy gitten to 
tu/in. out a yearbook. CRais and I Raue worked i^ejiy Rard to get 
tRis book (jinisRed, and we Rope tRat you enjoy it despite its 

Mfee- kWdbaken, seCJiet Geedee pdotognapHex 

% we put tRis naked picture 05 At Re/ie, I tRiwfe ueW be ftiwsRed! 

Cadets Auxxitikd 

A ^ustAOKg State 

%^y l Sa^annaR. 
State GcMefy Jm$ 
QOTC cadets u£Ae p/ie- 
seKted OioOAds by GofconeE 
^AtKwi <NolWs and Majon 
Scott. TRe AuOJids QeL- 

cadets ftox. bo^ acftietfe- 
*eHts in tRfc -4.P.O.TC. 
p/togAo* as weM 501 tRea 
academic accowpfcsWiits. 
TRe Geecilee staftft sa- 
btes tde. yWstAong >Wy 
Q.OT.Q. p/iog/ta* (30/1 Ql *~ 
otdeA outstanding yecm. 

Helow. PeMiwSCing a cadet yeQA. 



ofofrceJis PicRcmd Clayton, Hiuqk -WageA, and Ckxd Lawcw pnepaiie foon tRc teJieMowj. 


Cadets Gfo&topkk Jones, QJkitilUs 
Cenom, V>aoid CofeeA, PicRcud Cfoyton, 
"Btoan <felagcui, and Latl Lqmcul 

M Cadets Conde Sv/eilausea and Ciiystad 
Sv/iWiOMS teCeilte QwQ/ids foon outstand- 
ing aafcetfejtteuts. 

AS.a. J\m^ Q.OT.Q. 

_A*y Q.OT.C cadet okfrca Cxystal St/Moms. 


Co/die Hv/eRauseu is pnesMtd an awcuid. by Majo/i Scott. 

Cadet Puide 

A jiMStitong's .Ami) £.0X0. o^exs, 
y I M.S.C. students a bnigftt canea 
w^ V cte. in tde. U.S. -A^y, VS.AQ., 

V.S.A.Ji.G., oil (30J1 tftose not interested in an 
>Wy cajiea tRe (l^adeJisRip skidd need to be 
sucaassfoud in todays woJi£d 

Cobwe?. _AtRu/i <tloUes was tde. Rono/ied spaafea foon. _ytSO/SSO awa/ds 
camontj '93. 


J «•- 







Sv/t Tfcs Li^ £M Sd? 


./4t tHa beginning 05 eacR qucuttoi you wart in (line to puncRase youn. books 

Sv/acting in tfte 1?ooteto/i£ &nes . . . 

At tRe eud. 05 tad qua/iten, you wart in (Ike. to seK you/i books back 

i Imuiiiiiigl 







Sometimes, tRe fines get So Song tRey end at tRe SibJiOAy steps ... a good tRjiee Roua. wait (501 tRose in fine. 

Sv/ffl r eUeiL get out ojj ifcs ptet? 

TReSe Students, adong witR tRe nest 05 us, wifi be extAemeSy Rappy 4en tRe new boofestone opens. 

_Mot onUy tdfc bookstone fines a/ie (tang ... you sdouW. see negistJiMon Urnes. Sv/e suggest you piie-iiegiste.ii to aitoid tde wait. 


Qooiz M^ Productions 
Continues to f?oCfe -AS.O. 

Lip Sync Contest, La- 'Q2. Sftown aboite a/ie tfte 

seA Jump Ckb, 'B'an- Pocle Me. Production Pi- 

demoniutn '93, tde wtes. f?ocie f/k Pioduc- 

JJtontieA. Concert SeAies, tions (3nai/unan CfUis Sden- 

Datfe Sv/opat, and "1964" friedd is su/uounded by 

as tRe Heate leeep PocJe TRotnas S^ane, Pick 

Me- P/ioductions busy in Giuftftus, Snic, M^untRy, 

Pick ScHoMs, "BMy Cou- 
pe, fAoMh LeRtma, ^Uy, 
CRAis, and CRad 

TKanfes (jo/i maftng it a 
gneat yea/i "Cnew"! — Cte 






PocJa Me 




"Peace Duck" ^no* Daite Sr/opai. 


mmmmmmw lEmEmt 

$* mm 



PoCfeh wrA (?0Cle M 


Or Apd 14, 1993 Pode Me PnoductioKS pleated "1064 as tRe Btailes." Ok May 27, 1992 PocJe Me. 
Daite ^opat to _AS.O. {jok Jbw&tKo\Aq's> bintKday bdow-out 



I Mt 










7 MM 

Ik&e. 'Bend 'Bod. 

J\s tRe danfe cloud 05 midteum exams Rung ouen 
yi/imstnong, students na^ 5^^ ^ sRadows 05 midte/im. 
anxiety and Readed (30/1 Spanfey's 'BeacKside, wRene tRe 
sley was dean and tRe waten bdue (?). It was Jj/iiday, 
May Ttd, tone fron Btad Bod. rty. 

Skipping cdass and wo/Je, students ^docked to tRe 
beacil fook foftee b 00 ^ QK d ^ aiwua ^ beacR. odympics. 
TRe fri/ist lOO peopde to awiiUe. JieCeiDed 5^ tyiisbees 
and mead ticJeets, and anound L30, tRe competition 
began. Six oftywpiC teams moiled 5^0^ a tug-ofo-ioa/i 
Competition, to Q wateJi baboon toss, to tRe infamous 
penguin HQCe, and ending up in tRe dizzy izzy HQCe. 
Students also Competed in Itoddeybadd and Q best Qnd 
wo/iSt tan Competition, wttR add pftizeS Compliments o(j 
PoCie Jl/Ie- Productions. _/4dtnougR ^ot elte/iyone JieCeilted 
p/iizes, add 05 tRoSe wHo participated in tRe odympics 
we/ie winners, as a good time was dad by add initodtfed. 
Cte Sden(jiedd, tRe cRaiUman 0(3 Rook Me, and Lynn 
Robtkis, tRe Read 05 int/iamunads, did a great job 
pdanning tRe day's events. 

— f(j you missed tRis year's bead basR, make sure 
you don't miss tRe next one! 

SdeMey (kmdi and katReiiine Jitcmso pnepane (jon a (tang day in tRe sun at 
Head -gasR r<V. 

Joanna ^4cuiiso and Kzlty Swain catcR sowe nays at Spanfcy's! 

Gtann Daaidson, (?oue Sdenftiefd, and Cobent "BW cRecJe out a babe! 


HeacR 'Eosi 

r^Y a success 

Lifte is \dai you matee 05 
it. TRose 05 us 10R0 \aext 
to Span's ^ooleing (30/1 a 
pcuity (jound 0lie " Tfie 
"BeacR O^vpics u/eAe a 
FL/4S7I Pictured on tRe 
next page ane : Tonja 
f/Ioone, /iuiuung in tRe 
penguin Jiace 5 Potnie 
Cden^ieM "spinning" on tRe 

CatRexwe Mcuxso, KeMy Swain, and 
MiCJLeAe LeRl*a take Q buefltRtx. 

dizzy-izzL); ^AfiCode ORu in 
duci2 5i^e-pfl£3eJiUeA : tRe 
"kawabungas" getting neady 
(30/1 tRe dizzy-izzy : Stelten 
SRumQn — dancing? 
g(!oating? ; and (jina^y, tRe 
"Kawabungas", &ot quite 

J.J. Sqmmoks and (?enee Qobnts 
SMi£e (50)1 tRe Catena. 

Tile cxowd cReeAS on tReiii foaito/iite 
Olympic, team. 

'Bead 1?asR 



nfjietd — BeacJl "Bcc*. ' ' A Me sand in J J. Sommors frace 
out l siou Rex down at tde beacJl 

Ziimauex, <fcleaiReA c k/a»d, and State 'VMaws muscle titan way tRxouoR tRe co»i 

G££, r (tape it goes otfe/i tRe net. 


A s students 
jr-\ amotd at 
%*/ I Spanfey's 
HeacRside tRey we/ie 
tuans^o/uned ijnovA 
dand£oireiis to bead 
pinates. Six teams batted 
it out in tRa beacft odympics 
ok Jjniday, May 7tR. 
"Teams wene made up 0(3 
tRjiee guys and tRjiee gads. 
Tile. Dead Hums, 
Untoudabdes, Powell, 

Kabuleiis, Solo 3itx, and 
tRe Kow--Al5bngas went 
at it in 5 0UIL fiOEKts. 

"Rose not Competing in 
tRe o(lymp:cs adso Rad a 
battfe. TRat is a battle 
(jon ftiiee foood a *d- S(M 
nays. Some tRAee RundAed 
students came out to panty 
(>fee a pinate. MM, tRose 
\do attained tRe ftountR 
annual "Head HasR. Rad 
a GUsH 

Ofe guys, Fw Ready to go in tHe watei TRe beacJi. is GOOD! 


Competition in tfcs yeCUS "BeacJi. 
HasR was tigRt, wrtR tRe 
"Bead Bums (TinisRing frust, 
and tRe Kabufciis and S0E0 ^Jttx 
cowing in second & tfciui Sv/ay to 90 
dudes and dudettes. 

^fnanfc discotferis a?.6. wen must bow down to KatReRine. 


./ftCJa Pahuot: :udy Funk 

ok tHOHQJ 

ou two ttemo? 

Maybe we can go next yean, RuR coac\R? 


f?im H'xxtkid £W 

Sv/e sHouW go to class. ^(OT! 

T Hope wo owe. Has a cawejia! 


Glides "left Coi/ipus Go 
G/ieefe Oil Go <Nowte. 

PRi Mu and yi^p^a Gawvia De&a Pji£pouie jjoit Jlfext 6)eai's PusK 

Sad yean, PRi |4 
2J"^ateftwity 50/1 
Sv/owen and _^2pRa 
Gomwq Delta pjifcpcuifc 
(joji tRe week 05 Mi tRey 
oxM ausR. Sv/onftng 
togetRen as tRe -/Vst/iong 
PanReMeniC Council tRe 
gi/i£s detfise nusR mles and 
dates togetRe/L FotR 
so/10/iities Ratfe been an 
active pa/it 05 tRe 

ytiiMStJiong campus (30/1 
wone tRan twenty yeans, 
Ro(!ding positions in SG_A 
OUK 0*UOS, as ue£l 
as positions on tRe 
GeecRee, Oaddiope, and 
rnleweM. GneeJe fofre. is not 
50/1 etfe/iyone, but tRose 
wRo pa/itiCipate enjoy it 
tRonoug% GneeJes (jojim 
special (juiewdsllips ^ 
wild Cast a (lifetime, and 

tRey Raite tRe opportunity to 
g/iow as indioiduads and as 
team pdayejis. PRi Mu and 
y%pkx Gawma Dedta 
woudd (like to extend an 
inDitation to any tjw.oh 
Student inteiiested in tRe 
Gneele difte. to fad ijMz 
and ask us questions. Sv/e 
nM be Rappy to gilte you 
any in^olunation tRat \>M 
encounage you to go gneele. 

PRi Mu and Alpkx Go*. Gte&s, 
stand in fonoKt 05 tfte fAex.otia.1 Col- 
CAQe Centex. See, we neaMy do difee 
eatR otfteJii 


Ih. PRi Mu 2?iat b/ieales out witft tde fattens to ides, a cute gnoup pRoto in ik good odd PRi Mu iioow in Menial!. 
Coteege Center. 

r5 you'/ie. wowdeAing 
wRat GneeJes do, weW 
be gdad to teR you. 
Last yeaft, botR gnoups 
kid found Aaiseiis ijok tRei/i 
so/io/uty's aRa/uty. PRi j\J[o, 
av<d Ahpkx Gonma T)dta 
sponso/ied. Rowecowing 
Contestants in tfta 
Rome.cow.tng count, and 

TonjQ MoOA£, PRi Mu'S 

Contestant, wok tRe. CJiouM. 
KotR groups wejte. stnong 
in p/i£Se.nCe. anound campus 
Romecowing weete, as botR 
g/ioups participated, in tRe. 
dip synci and otRei 
Cowpe.titiU'e actiDitieS. 
^KWost eJDEJiij cmea 05 
student (lifje ok tRis campus 
Ras G/ieeJcs inttodited. 
G/ieeJes Reaped out at 
-Awstnowfjest as tRey do 
eiMy yean, and next yean, 
doote foo/i G/ieeJes wo/ifeng 
Qt f?e.giSt/iation. Like, it on 
not, we'jie eUEJiywReiie. 

Ahpkx Go»ma Vdta lodes pretty (30/1 tRecA. g/ioup pRoto. 


Big/Little Sstus. fJiicMU. Idua, SUky CawM, Susan Swiid Mttowe Siaftftod, and Jmk. Pacfefog. 

HdUez. J J. Sommohs. Tiicia }J\aQotiek. "Bottom, Joanna J\cj?uhso, Tanya 


THe, G/i££Je Li\jt . . . 

j op _ ^/lic^tte LaRtwa, SlUifeij Couuiote, J J. Sqmmohs, Me^Me ^oUes, Dina -Ageto <tladewin, Jewufoa Sv/u, Joanna .Acu»so. Pom 3, Amt Cac% TfcJi£SC 
Qfogd .Agie (jeoi*a«s. (?ow 2 — Jaywe Sv/i^is, Tanya Stafcfoond, Tonja Moone, QAnCent, Metowe Saaanid Tfticia McCoife^, and Susan Switd 

Tik PRi Mu 5nat 




B^B ~* •* ' < M" 

^ i , 

^1 11/ ^* ^^Bto~— ~ 

Lei pjf • yOT 


i ' n 







&ree-e5; ncc6 

1 11 *^ 

\t mwr" ~% ^^fl 

1 AS v Ml* 


^m ^^^■^IwP'vvfl A 

1 BC^fi R 

1 1 K. ■•***] x< 

L 1 IfiiLi B 



1Q92-1QQ3 SlucUal Gotfajweal Mssociatic* OftfrCeAS Tap fAooKt. tyiC/>-pA£Sid£Mt, JosepR Fabuta, pnesidi-Kt, and £W <fcludsow, seOetcuiy. 


Sdannon <tlQL)es and Ji'M& PalWotis de^onsttate ihjx autistic tatos in ih S.CA's <Hom&cowing cRadte-in. 

SRannon and Jlfifetei won (yAS* pdciC£ in tRe. indiOiduak poirtion 05 tRe Contest 


SkSJUi} OcmM oft Pfc Mu details a dxaumg. 

Ik S.G.A sponso/ied cRa£le-in was ftun 50/1 aM 05 tftose do participated, k tRe ikdioiduad 
cotegoiuj, SRawvon <fclayes ad _AftfeJei PalW'otis toofe 501st pd-ace, and in tRe gnoup category, Pfc Mu 
So/io/iity lode 501st p&ace- 


Qadkt Dubbe^, Susq, S*ii owd SMey OawcM ofe Pfo Mu deDthp tto aasteKpiex*. 

TRmas 9x>nd id&es a sRot at sidewa^ ait. 

Tma McCoxleifc 05 Pfo Mu . . • wtot IS sRe doing anywayS 


in de^osf/iata o(j Ra Rowiecowimg spt/ut. 


SG_/4 IX yioUKiSt/LOtion 

Mdad l?undixife£K vines » Vl "Dowis MiupRy 0(5 & "Deponi***! 05 Goaejuw^t. 


FeM HasR(6tl) 

ktlty Swain, and <Hcat(leA Sv/and enjoy tk^tbts at .AMSttong's annua?, bead basd Tn tHe. process, Swain gains a coupk 05 incites ajiound hx waist. 



To tit left, and beibw, AtMSthoty Hooked tilt a wan zone as constfiuciion on tit new boofestone. began dbung foaM qucmteji. 

Sv/fcUe tde. bodestou. consttuation ditteiied tRe (jAotd 0(3 Mmotidl Jlow tit deiyatoti is (Xmplttt. Oowe by M-G.C. to Hide ok tde wo/iM's slowest 

Oo^ge Oente/i, tde inside was being gnaced wttd a new eSeUQtoiu ef^Qtolu 

-w^*x 7 «b 


SiudeKt ^4(y[yOiiis qkcI StudeKt ^4cftMes sta^ tuembeiis 

1st Row-. At <&awus, D/l Joe 1?ucte 

2nd Qau: Pa* ^IdJeex Pat DiufK Louie Dunant, Cand!. ScJUdt, VfccMe 


3/id ^ow= Lywt "Benson, 'Bill Kedso 
^fot Pictured Qfonise. Sv/ellds 


Dil Sietfe Sady, Q Po2itica?. Science pnofoesson (jJiow ^ 'DepantneK't 05 GoO-eiuwent, defeens fcs 
^Ctwie in tHe £?atuhy Lectu/ie Series. 


because 05 tRe sizfc 0(3 -Awistnong, tRe, 5 QCU ^y ^ ^ £ ^ oppo/ituwty to wafee. a significant 
diftbejieMCe iK tRfi. ^iD-es 05 stuaWts. Sv/e aiifc (lucky to toe a uodejiftuK. fjaoulty and sta(j5 to 9 uic ^ 
us in tile di/iection 05 "tde. nead woidd" 


Julia Fofeex (MueJis da foacudty fectuu. 

acuta Lectwie SeAies 


Dl Stetfe Sally dates "£kph.wts and Donkeys Dancing in ih ^lisks," a kctiue on tfte deMooiatic and G.O.P. contentions. 
Students and fta&ity foil!!, tile seats in tfte <fcJea(!,tH. Professions ^4udito/uuw.. 


^List/iong State QxMzqt ^cUwst/uatoi 

ft pRoto abotfe is 
tRat 05 D/l Robert 
-A "BWtt, tRe 

P/ieSident 0(3 tRiS institution. 

Dil Fu/wett is a P/lo- 
foesso/i 0(3 <fclistony, witR Ris 
R-A Ijum Sv/ofofro/id 
CdktyL, Ris M~A btow 
Unitfe/isity 05 _A(o/itR Ca/10- 
fona, and Ris PR.D. ft/tow 
tRe UniiteASity 0(5 ^fo/itR 


-A tRe top ziigRt is D/l 
2fo^ -A RwtH Q^iCe 
P/iesident and Dean 05 
g-QCu^ty. D/l Fut^a is a 
P/ioftesso/i 05 PRysics, 
witR a RS.SS. fc/KM tRe 
UnilteASity 0(3 Miami, and a 
PR.D (jjiok RensseiaeA 

At tRe bottom Geftt is 

Dean S^iddiaw L. M^oa- 
#k, tRe Dean 05 -Aca- 
demic and £n/io(!iWnt SeJi- 
OiCeS, and P/ioftesSo/i 0(3 
0/uwina(> Justin. D/l 
Me^QtRtin zieCeilted Ris 
R.A (3/iom P/iesbyteAian 
Co^eQe, Ris M-SD. (3/iow 
tRe Unitfe/isity 05 Geo/iQja, 
and Ris ScLD. (3/iom tfe 

LWe/iSity 05 Geo/iQja. 




"Business and 2fiwanC£ 

(L-f?) Vebm "BWa, Jok StexpUL 
LeHfaoH. TisdaS., Maiion PoyeJu Cobik 
JlfacR Pat Taydon, Puby MwpRy 


VepcMmd ojy ~At and |/W 

fjnont (L to P), Da. KeOin CVogekang, 
.Associate PnoftessoA 05 Music witR 

RM-. MM- d.M-A 6»0* Uwirejisity 

0(3 Cincinnati, Da. Melissa LitfenQood, 
Dn Lucina ScMtz. Associate Pno- 
fteSSOlt 0(3 Music, wild F.S. 5x0* 
ok State CoMege, MM- b«om 
Cotanado State UniUensity, and 
' ' .4. ftno* tRe Unitfexsity 05 Cofo- 
«ado, Dn KennetR FonAes. .Assistant 
Ptoftesson 05 Music, witR fc'M-S. 
5110m Texas CR*istian iWensity, 

M-M-£- and D.M--A (5»a» tk tWeii- 
sity 05 CMaRoma, and PacM Gneen, 
Assistant Pno^essox 05 At, witR 
~B.^}.A. 5110m Middle Tennessee 
State UniUeASity, and lh.^}.A. 5110m tRe 
UnilWtSity 05 Georgia. 
Fact Qou (L to P). Da. QdoM 
•fclawiis, Associate Pno^essoi 05 Mu- 
sic. witR H.M- and MM- 610m UniUeAsity 
0(3 tRe Pacifrc and D.M-A 5*om tRe. 
tWeASity 05 c WasRington, Da. James 
.AdeASon, "fclead 05 Department 05 

.At and Music, Pto^essor 0(5 Music 
witR T?.M-£- 5*om Sv/icRita State Uni- 
density, M-M- 5*om UnitfeASity 05 
Houston, and PUD. foliom LWeASity 05 
Texas at .Astin, JoRn Jensen, Associ- 
ate PiiobeSSOR 05 At, witR F.S. 510m 
UnWeASity 05 Wisconsin, and M-5-A 
510m UniDensity 05 Aiuzona, JoRn 
SciUidt, AssoCate PAo5essoA 05 
At, witR F^-A tjxom Ca»Kegie- 
MeMon, and M-27-£- 5110m ORio UnitfeA- 
sity, £d CaugRnan, and QaudcM f?eese. 



Dl Jozies -Adejison, Dept ^Jead 


D/i. Kemd. 

eo, Dept. Head 

V>l Kmetft PeHijea Has been wit* .AwstAowj since lQQO, and is tRe -fclead 05 tk 5«o» J^oiuda State, and H.M. ftnow ^ftonida State UwiteASity. 

Fiofogy DepanWMt. TX Pellyea deceived fcs PUD. (3*0* TuCawe Uwiwisity, M-S. 




Sfaotrt (L-Q), TX L.J. GuiWou, Ms. 
Paw Swrtft, Ms. Suzanne KeMpfee, M*S. 
MoonyeQn, S. "BWreJi, Dil Kmei t?e- 
fcyea. Hade Pow (L-P), Dl PokoW 
TJ&MeJi, "Dl Fn&tt Canson, Dil Gail 
S^ljhk, Dil Pogen. TaiCiey, Dil P. KRan, 
Dl ^"HQwCis M- "^oine 


GWist^ and PRysics 

J Hawis (S tdfc 
L-^ <fclead 05 ide. 
CRmislAy and PRysics 
DepQiitKaKt, and is a 

p/ioftesson 05 cReMis-tAL). 
D/i <Nawus ftas a 1?.S. 
IjkQH GeDKqia restitute 0(3 
TeciUoCogy, and Ris PUD. 
is a(!so ftjiom ^ Geo/igia 

restitute 05 TecJUoltagy. 
Djl <Hawis ((as be£* witR 
M.S.O. since 1966. 

Pitiuxfd aboue oxt Da. StAatton, 
Ms. Suzanne CaxptHteJi, Da. Folea, 
Mil Jaynes, Da. <fclQAAis, Ms. Fusfe- 
ey, "Dil ByAd, Dil Fuewt, M*- Mem 
tin, Da. "blizcx, Da. ZippeAeA, Da. 
PopienicJe, Da. "VRiten, and Da. Ko- 


Dl <tlenALj <Waimis is ih ■Hind. o(j tRe CRmstny and PRysics VepaiUeM. 

Dii. 4^a/uusi 


O <ka Geowyioy, Dept <Uend. 


DepcatviEKt oft V>eiyehp]flAMal Studies 

5*ont Row (L to P), Ms. ORa^fotte 
MacMi^an, Ms. CyntRia Geofrfrnoy, 
<felead 05 Developmental! Studies De- 
partment, Assistant Pnoftessoii 05 
MatRematics, M-S. (jAow tRe tWnsity 
o(j SoutR Oanofcna, IX Denise Cock- 
ing. Second f?ow (L to Q), Ms. "BetR 
ORifcUess, Assistant Pnoftesson 0(5 
heading, witR M~A ft/iow ^few 6joftJe 

tWensity, and Ms. Linda Sv/aymine. 
Tfcxd Cow (t to P), Ms. .AfanO) Pemdeii, 
Ms. G-ano^n SmitR, Assistant Pno- 
foesson oft MatRematics, witR M-£d. 
tyiow ^tiuvistnong State GoSiege, }A. 
Kaii -Wawis, Assistant Pnofcesson. 05 
SngteR, witR M~A friom ^ tWeiisity 
05 "Tennessee, Ms. Lottie Jenkins. ^Afot 
Pictured, £d PicRandson, Assistant 

P/iohesso/L 05 SngteR, witR \A.A. 5110m 
tRe UnWeiiSity 05 Maine, Dianne Jones, 
Assistant Ptoftesso/i 05 MatRematics, 
witR M-£d ftnom SvMia* Gatey Co£- 
iege, Donna Diaz, Assistant Vm- 
foesson 05 McrtRewatics, witR M-S. 
5)iow tWnsity 05 SoutReim Mississip- 
pi, and Gme. Sims. 



2fio*t f?ow, Midktk Sisson, Dc 
H-A BbttiSte., Dil Steite -/Igyefeim. 
2nd f?ow, Dil Joyce "Bagin, Dx. Pom 
boxwood, Dx. Qiebp. "Dandy, Susan 
•VRitt. Dx. EM Fjoxk, Dx. Meg 
cWaCwoxtd Dil -fcleJib (Moway. 3xd 
f?ow, Dx. Pat HaM, Dil C%ft Fux- 
gess, Dx. Jaw <Wobe, Dil 'Vawen 
SciWIaeJit, Dil £d Stxausex, Dil 
Geoxge ClUaudi, Dx. Ldoyd jKewbeAAij 


Language, LcteAatu/ie, 6 D/iawiotic, ^Ats 

2froni Pow, Gcuy SfodoiL Ms. A. 
Sayde/L, Sancbia Mandejison, Dil f?ay- 
wond, Dil <fcloffinge.lL DlL Sv/eingaMe*, 
Dil .Ackews, Dil Corned. 'Bade. Pow, 
Mn. D. Dassa, Dl D. ^Afobftc Mi M- 
Jenkins, Dil T Oooksey, Mi- J. 
Sv/ekR, Dil Sttoziex, Miss Cook, Dil 
<H. Known 


T)ejpGJiUM ojj- Gctfmmtt 

^nont (L to I?), Dn Dennis Mwipfty, 
Pnofoesso*. oft C-Riminad Justice, wi-ril 
'B.A. M.EU QKd J.D. tyim tfte (Jw- 
aeASity 05 2Ho»ida, Da. (jassa*an 
Saadataand Assistant Pnohesso*. 
0(3 Economics, "RS. (jiiom ^A/ationad 
Tuawcm Qd Company CoMege 05 fi- 
nance, IA3A. 5*0* James Madison 
UnitfeASity, QKd PR.D. friom tfte LWeA- 

Sity 05 ./few <Ha*psRiAe, Dl Stetfe 
Cftee, P/ioftesso/i 05 Political* Science, 
witft ~B.A., \AA. b*om LWeASity 05 
Onegon, and PUD. ftnom tWe/isity 05 
Missouxi, Dn Joftn Kea/wes, Associate 
Pnofresson. 0(3 Po&ticaC Science, witft 
13.A. (310* Union College, M-A (jno* 
^4ndAews UniiteASity, and PUD. (jAom 
UniDeAsity 05 Utaft. Fact Cow (L to C), 

Da. Stetfe £a?y, PAoftessoA 0(5 Politi- 
cal* Science, witft ~8.A. ftAom ffrfiman 
UnitfeASity, }J[.A. foKo*. Cdanemont 
Gnaduate Scftool and Pft.D. ftAo* tfte 
LWeASity 05 GeoAgia, witft A3. ^ao* 
yWstAong State College, F.S.SV. 
(3x01* ^WstAong, and a lA.SSPVl. 
tjiiow Mttanta UniUeASity, and Dean 
Mtaatftfon, acting DepaAtment <fcJead 



in, acting Dept <Uead 



D/l. Qoqa S^Q/ifecJe, Vept <tiend 




PsojAobgy VejpaiU&i 

px. Gkoc& R Ma*tik is iHfc Pxofeessox 05 PsycMogy. P(LT). ftxo* ^fcoxida State. ^ Dougtes, m lL, m Ma^ 

^tJead 05 DiOiSiOK 05 So- TX Martin kxs a 1?J4. UwilteXSity. TX Ma/l% RaS EMot Pakfrsfcy, and IX TaySot 

Ciad and KeJlaOioxaft Sci- foxow. Mxwistxong State, been witR _/4jiMStJiong since 

enees, DixeCtox 0(3> GcMege, M-S. foxow. Jftoxi- 1980. 

Studies Pxogxaw., and a da State. Uwitexsity, and Hex 


dissociate, Dejgtee jKwisiwg 

Tde ftatutoj 05 tde AS.Q. Depant- 
«ient 05 .Associate Degree ^AluASing 
a«t. 3Q0jtT(l to P), GiKoa Pku- 
den, Assistant Pnofoessoii 05 JKwtsinQ,, 
wild BsJ. (3«o« sUi(6|-Fu55Qb, 
and fA.JI., Uwiaejisity 05 Soutd Caxofa- 
Hd, Da. Dectiwa Caoss, <tJead 0(3 
Associate Debtee .^Wng, Associ- 
ate PnoftessoA 05 .Afunsing, wild 
H.SjlT 5«om UnWeJlSittj 0(3 AkAon, 

fAsJl. and PUD. 5«m Foston Cot- 
liege, and .Afancy £ei£y, Associate 
PAoftessoA 05 Jlfunswg. witd 'B.S.J!- 
510m GeoAQetown UniUeASity, and 
Usji- and PUD. tj/iow MicRigaw 
(?), Pauicia Peta, Janet Sv/Aigdt, "Bet- 
te Titus, Sv/uidy Stade, DajM Ma*- 
tin, Jane SvAMiciMSon, Assistant Pao- 
Wesson 05 ^Afunsing, witd 'BsM- Uni- 

tfeAsity 05 GeoAgia, M-£d, GeoAgia 
Soutdm, and M-S J\f.. Medicat Cod- 
(i^ge 05 GeoAgia, SandAa CCaiife, As- 
sistant PiioftessoA 05 ^AfuAStug, witd 
F.S..X, ./Wsuong State CkMUqt, 
and M-Sj\f.. Medicafc CoMege 05 
Geongia, and Dee Tacdado. MOT 
PrcTUPSD, Linda Tucfe, £1x1 Catd- 

wedE, Jadn "BWgstineA, and TeAeSO 



DeanKQ Gtoss, VepojiU&i <Head 


T>i. Mcvudyn HucJe 

Dotio» Moai^k M 1?ucfc Ros be£K a Ptoftesso* oh .AWsing ai .AMStnmg sine* ntc-eitfed Ra SdLD. ftnom tRe UwUeJisity 05 SoutR Ca/ioSwa, M-S..X fr/iom tRf 
<nd is nowtRe. -Head 05 Bacmkxmait Jmsi»q DepaM*eKt. TX Fucfe Medical Cottle 05 Geo^ia, and Ra Rsjlf. 5^01 "Boston Uwitensity. 


^amtoiMOtt Jlfwisiwg 

1st Row (L-f?) Dl Ma^i^w "B^ucJe, Ms. 
McuiCeMa <fcfaftt Ms. f?osc% PoeSfcS,, 
Ms. CatRy Durtfco, Ms. Jlfettie. LeJietf, 
Ms. Stoine Sidcox. 2nd Row (L-f?) TX 
Ganode Massey, Ms. "Bonnie JleJwaK 
Ms. "BWda TadUey, Ms. tedeM Tdg- 
goM, Ms. Gatoto «£?l£L 


Dept o\j Padiobgic Tec^uobgies 

i — 

Tile ftacufcty 0(3 tRe J\m- 
stAong State QcMtyt De- 
partment o(j Radiologic 
TecRnofogies a/ie.: SRa/ujn 
Gibson, <&ead 0(5 Radio- 
logic TecRnotaaies, witR 
j\.j\. Ijkom yWst/iong, 
F.S. 5' 10 ^ St. JosepR's 

CM^qt, and M-^-S. (3/iow 
_AS.O, EM Tikon, As- 
sociate P/iofoesso/i 05 Ra- 
diologic TecRnodogieS, witR 
"RS. 5^^ -Aizona State 
UniiMsity, M-S. fr^w San 
2JjiQKC.isco State, and 
SdD. fcjJio* U.G.A, Launie 

McRae, rnst/iucton 05 Radi- 
ation TRenapt), witR RS. 
5/iotn UnilteASity oh Oentnad 
Jjfo/uda, and MS. Hum 
UnilteASity oh J\[okik yW 
da, Doug d afeeA, and Tiiicia 


Stoiyn Gibson, T)epanMeKt <Wead 


M*. 'ViMio* SurtR. Mi- P°ss 'Earns, Ms. LeigR _/%eAScx 


Ml t?oss L. TSoweAS ITT 


Ml f?oss L. TSoutis is ilk <Wead 0(3 PespOiatony TRenapy DepaMwent, been witR yljunstnong since 1979. <He neCeiited Ris M<WS ftiow ./Wst/iowj 
and am -Assistant Pnoftessoii 05 Pespinatoiiy TRenapy. }Al 1?owe/is Ras State Oo^ege, and Ris F.S. follow. Geongia State Oo(!£ege. 


.oo Let 

"Etywg Moo Lee Ras been wilR An*sito«q State Cdkqt since lQgi, and is tRe Science. <fcle necked Ris M-L-S. frum tk LWnsity 05 Wisconsin, BLA 

"Dixecton 05 Libnaxy SeMCes. Mil Lee is adso an Assistant Piic^essoii 05 Libnauj iW/tsity 05 Wisconsin, and a "fr-A fotow (jo» Sei (Jniitoisity. 


<1 tk, 


Top Qou (i-Q) SanoUa Muwiay, "Bon- 
ny McDonald, Pats Deaux, Judy 
"Dubus, SftMey Goodson, Feci layta/i, 
Debbie SfiscKe/i, kcuien <WegtoncL "Bot- 
tom f?ow (L-(?) Jean Meyeft, Tobias 
Fnasie/i, Fen Lee, Ma/u'a Sajwan. 


Joseph yicla*\s, 

Jkis> cu/d 

Sciences DejQK 

<HedA P/io^siows 


A ejiowd gotRaiis, as usual!,, outside. 0(3 Gambit <Ha$l in be.twe.tK classes. 

Last Loofe _Aound Campus 

Sv/eli, tRiS book is jjvdlty a(Wost (jinisRed, and tRe. Gezdiz staftfj woudd dfee to fceatfe. you witd Q (jew 
panting sdots to nemejnbeL Jj"- ^ tta CAowds outside. 05 Gainbde <NaWL to adi 05 tde. activities 
spOKSoiied. by 4b, QxMetye, and 4b, Student GoiteJwwent Association, we bid you fta/ieweM. 








A I 




naaff ftcfarr 







Can t we 

4LL just 



C* a ~~ T7rr j£i